What payment companies do you use?

Our payments are processed by CC Bill, Commerce Gate and Verotel  - we can also process your payment directly via paypal or bank transfer.

For year payments we use our own billing solution so for issues please contact us directly. 

When joining Staxus you will receive a confirmation email from both Staxus and the payment biller stating your subscription details. To update your billing information, credit card number or request payment information, please use the informaiton below:


1. CC Bill

If you were billed by CC Bill, "CCBILL EU LLC" will show on your bank statement.

CC Bill contact information:

24 hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


2. Commerce Gate

If you were billed by Commerce Gate, "WWW.CGBILLING.COM" will show on your bank statement. Sometimes it can allso appear as "Israel" (or other country) as Commerce Gate is working with local banks worldwide. Sometimes you can also see "plumbago ltd" next to cgbilling on your bank statement.

Commerce Gate contact information:


USA(free) 8773695566
USA 9176755009
U.K. 02033180781
France 0182889342
Spain 931 761 050
Nederl. 02 08 080 784
Italy 069 9266 886


Local rates apply

Other Countries:
International rates apply
+44 2033 180 781

0034 931 761 050




3. Verotel - 

Enduser support

Are you charged on your credit card or by bank?

Questions regarding credit card and bank statements, transactions, fraud, unrecognized charges etc.

If you are residing in the United States:
1-877-872-9246 (toll-free)

If you are residing in the European Union:
00-800-44229999 (toll-free)

If you are residing in the Netherlands:

Other countries:
+31 20 5315777 (international charges apply)


We also have our own processing capabilities. This means that instead of being charged by CC Bill or Commerce Gate, you will be charged by Staxus directly. In this case "DREAM LOGISTICS" will show on your bank statement.

If you were billed by Staxus directly you can use the following details for support:



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