I cannot download any videos

We no longer support streaming + downloads subscription options for new members, starting from the 1st of October, 2015.


Older members that have download subscriptions can continue to download for as long as they keep their membership active.


The Unlimited Streaming plan only allows you to watch the movies (just like you would be on YouTube or Google Music or Netflix).


There are no limits on either subscription types, you can watch or download as much as you like!


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    I was interested in a streaming + download subscription, but I can't see any price plan including the download feature. What can I do?

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    We have lowered the pricing on Staxus and the site is now streaming only, just like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music and many other adult websites as well.

    Most of our members prefer watching the videos on their smartphones or tablets nowadays, just like they would do with YouTube videos.

    If you really need to have the files on your hard drive, you can buy them individually or as full Downloads from here: and we also list the direct links on Staxus!

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